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Good advice begins with an open conversation

Whether as an investor, an entrepreneur or a private individual, you want to make the right decisions today and for the future. We are here to support you. We build bridges between your business, family and personal needs – and the solutions that are best for you.

Trust has a lot to do with honesty. That‘s why transparency is important to us. Not only in each and every investment, but also in our support and pricing model. We would love to discuss with you which model best suits you and your needs. Simply contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

Portfolio management

Each client is unique.

Knowledge of your individual profile, personal experience, plans and needs is essential to implement your investment strategy we establish with you, for you.

On the basis of your objectives, investment horizon (shorter or longer term), financial knowledge and risk appetite, you and your private banker together identify and define your personal investment profile. This profile is then used as a guide to asset allocation in order to create your ideal portfolio.

Portfolio management is first and foremost a question of trust. Our multilingual managers from Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy will forge a close relationship with you. Your banker as a discretionary manager is directly responsible when making investment decisions on your behalf.

In addition, our digital banking solutions, myPuilaetco (via the Internet) and myPuilaetco (for iPad), enable you to access your banking statements at any time. With our secure online messaging service you can also contact your private banker rapidly and directly.

Financial and estate planning

We are committed to assisting our clients over the very long term with high-quality, superior service.

Wealth management does not stop at managing a portfolio of securities. Our team is here to help you optimize your wealth: succession planning, life insurance and setting up a company are all areas in which you can profit from our expertise.

To do this, we will start by working with you on a comprehensive review of your assets. This assessment will lead to:

  • The global consolidated management of your assets, whether deposited in Luxembourg or abroad.
  • International solutions adapted to your needs, from deeds of gift in your country of residence to setting up companies to meet specific needs and services.


At Puilaetco Luxembourg, we offer secured credit solutions, reflecting our global approach to wealth management.

To achieve your specific goals, you can count on your private banker – supported by a professional team of experienced specialists – to develop an optimal and transparent solution for your precise needs.

With the support of its parent company Quintet Private Bank (Europe), we offers flexible credit solutions, such as:

  • Lombard loans
  • Real estate mortgage
  • Cash facilities
  • Guarantees

A wide range of assets (including real estate and portfolio revenues) can be provided as security for loans as long as an independent fair-market value is available.

Investment funds

Today, investment funds are an important part of financial management as a tool for diversifying and managing risk.

Supported by a team of specialised analysts, Puilaetco Luxembourg is able to offer its clients a selection of efficient investment vehicles in every asset category, drawn from those of external asset managers, as well as from the Quintet group's range.

Thanks to a team dedicated exclusively to open architecture, Puilaetco Luxembourg can offer you a selection of top quality third-party funds – from all promotors – in every investment category. The selection uses a strict analysis process, examining the consistency of these funds’ performance and volatility, as well as the relationships with their managers.

Third-party funds

In constant contact with external fund managers, our team is dedicated exclusively to open architecture, making its selection independently and using a strict process of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the regularity of these funds’ performance and volatility.