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Open Banking

PSD2 API is live.

As of June 14th 2019, our customers can benefit from the services offered by third parties authorized under PSD2 (Payment Services Directive)

Download now the new "MyQuintet QR code" app and benefit from a lean PSD2 journey to access your payment accounts through a third party provider app. The procedure is simple and is fully detailed in our user manual here. For any question, please contact: Fabrice Lette (+352 47 30 25610) or Franck Muller (+352 47 30 25 405

If you are a TPP and would like more information or are interested in signing up with Puilaetco, please use the below links:

Developer portal: https://developer.xs2a.puilaetco.lu

Sandbox: https://sandbox.xs2a.puilaetco.lu

Production API: https://api.xs2a.puilaetco.lu

Authentication Page: https://auth.xs2a.puilaetco.lu