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Portfolio management

Each client is unique.

Knowledge of your individual profile, personal experience, plans and needs is essential to implement the investment strategy we establish with you, for you.

On the basis of your objectives, investment horizon (shorter or longer term), financial knowledge and risk appetite, you and your private banker together identify and define your personal investment profile. This profile is then used as a guide to asset allocation in order to create your ideal portfolio.

Portfolio management is first and foremost a question of trust. Our multilingual managers from Belgium, Luxembourg and France will forge a close relationship with you. Discretionary managers are directly responsible to you when making investment decisions on your behalf.

Thanks to our team-based approach, a qualified contact is always available to you.

In addition, our digital banking solutions, G2 Web (via the Internet) and G2 Touch (for iPad), enable you to access your banking statements at any time. With our secure online messaging service you can also contact your private banker rapidly and directly.