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    Investment Funds

    Use our investment funds portal to access relevant legal documents, such as prospectuses, annual and half-yearly reports, KIID and articles of association

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  • Investment funds

    Today, investment funds are an important part of financial management as a tool for diversifying and managing risk.

    Supported by a team of specialised analysts, Puilaetco Dewaay Luxembourg is able to offer its clients a selection of efficient investment vehicles in every asset category, drawn from the KBL epb  group’s range and from those of external asset managers.  

    KBL epb  group funds

    Thanks to a team dedicated exclusively to open architecture, Banque Puilaetco Dewaay Luxembourg can offer you a selection of top quality third-party funds – from all promotors – in every investment category. The selection uses a strict analysis process, examining the consistency of these funds’ performance and volatility, as well as the relationships with their managers.

    Third-party funds

    In constant contact with external fund managers, our team is dedicated exclusively to open architecture, making its selection independently and using a strict process of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the regularity of these funds’ performance and volatility.