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Financial and estate planning

We are committed to assisting our clients over the very long term with high-quality, superior service.

Wealth management does not stop at managing a portfolio of securities. Our team is here to help you optimize your wealth: succession planning, life insurance and setting up a company are all areas in which you can profit from our expertise.

To achieve this, portfolio managers utilize years of experience in meeting complex client needs.

The international environment is changing rapidly. We want to guide you through your asset planning and offer you answers and solutions adapted to your particular situation.

To do this, we will start by working with you on a comprehensive review of your assets. This assessment will lead to:

  • The global consolidated management of your assets, whether deposited in Luxembourg or¬†abroad
  • International solutions adapted to your needs, from deeds of gift in your country of residence to setting up companies to meet specific needs (Soparfi, SIF, etc.) to life insurance products and services

To do this we have the support of a tried-and-tested network of local or international experts (lawyers, accountants, insurers, etc.), long recognized for their quality, ethics and the consistency of their performance. We do not receive any fees or commissions from them so we will never find ourselves in a conflict of interests either with you or them. This gives you the advantage of independence: you are totally free to choose the service provider you feel is best able to meet your needs.