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At InsingerGilissen, we recognize that our clients require personalized wealth management solutions. That’s why we accompany them every step of the way.

As a pure-play private bank, we offer a wide range of services in asset management and advice, financial planning and administration, and custody. Our client base varies from private individuals and families to foundations, institutional investors and external asset managers.

Whether we are dealing with personal wealth or company assets, we believe in looking beyond the capital itself: our business is characterized by a multi-generational approach with a strong focus on dedicated investment solutions and long-term relationships.


Herengracht 537
1017 BV Amsterdam

+31 20 521 5000
+31 20 521 5009

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Peter Sieradzki

A word from our CEO

In the eyes of our clients, our fund-selection process, institutional services and private-planning activities truly set us apart

Peter Sieradzki



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