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Head of Private Banking

Who I am

Born in Belgium and educated in six different countries, I am above all open-minded.

After completing my undergraduate studies in Belgium, I joined Deloitte as a consultant. After a few years at that firm, I realized that I wanted to serve in a different sector – private banking – so took a break from my career to pursue my Executive Master’s in Finance at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

Upon completion of those studies, I applied for a position at KBL epb, where I was accepted as a member of the bank’s Kaleidoscope Program, which allowed me to serve in a range of roles and departments.

At the end of that two-year program, I joined the Private Banking department. I was soon provided with the opportunity to launch our Luxembourg Desk, and then to head up a group of private bankers focusing on the Benelux market.

Since September 2013, I have served as Head of Private Banking in Luxembourg.

What I do

I have two roles at KBL epb : private banker and team manager.

As a private banker, I help my clients structure their assets as efficiently as possible, identifying the appropriate investment strategy and the right products to meet their specific needs. My goal is to ensure that each client’s portfolio is tailored to support their unique aspirations.

As Head of Private Banking, I manage a team of talented private bankers. In that capacity, I also work closely with my specialist colleagues to further develop our product and service offering.

What I think

This is a watershed moment for private banking in Luxembourg.

In this new era of transparency, we have to reinvent ourselves as a private banking group. We need to take stock of how we serve our clients today and then think hard about how we can serve them better tomorrow – ensuring that we meet their evolving needs in this rapidly changing environment.

KBL epb  is uniquely positioned to seize this opportunity: our staff are highly qualified and uniformly motivated, and we are supported by a shareholder that is stable, committed and eager to invest in our future.

As a consequence, moving ahead, we will be able to offer our clients an even higher level of personalized, professional service, further enhancing our status as a European private banking leader.

KBL European Private Bankers

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