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Private Banking International Desk

Who I am

A French national with a university degree, I started my career with SEB in Luxembourg in 1993. Six years later, I joined the Private Banking department at KBL epb. All of my experience since then has been in this sector.

KBL epb gave me the opportunity to head the Private Banking International Desk, which is still my role today. I greatly enjoy the range of financial and managerial activities that it entails. 

What I do

The private banker is responsible for managing client wealth in the best possible way. To do this, we work closely with a number of services within the bank.

In my role, it is vital to establish a relationship of trust with the client. This involves a lot of travelling since, as our business changes, it is now the private banker who goes to see the client, rather than vice-versa.

The other part of my job is dedicated to managing an interdependent and international team.

What I think

Our profession is at a watershed moment.

Our private bankers, in particular, can help differentiate us from other banks with similar services. Our clients are adapting to change and altering their expectations with regard to the role of private bankers.

Team spirit lets our international team adapt with dynamism and motivation. My aim is to do everything to keep this cohesion and provide the necessary motivation to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

KBL European Private Bankers

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