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Head of Credit Management

Who I am

I’m from southern Belgium, which benefits from a microclimate and proximity to Luxembourg. After obtaining a degree from the University of Namur and UCL, Belgium, heading back south was an easy decision. I started with KBL epb back in 1986, in financial analysis.

At that time, I had the intention of working in the corporate management sector, but finance proved more fascinating. Gradually, with new courses, new colleagues, new experiences and new challenges, this work became my profession and this bank became my bank. 

What I do

I am currently Head of Credit Management. My colleagues and I form a team of eight and are specifically in charge of implementing loans that have been validated by the Group Credit Committee to help our clients with their financing needs.

Our role is to draw up loan contracts and implement guarantees. Once in place, we monitor the loan until it is reimbursed. We are also here for our credit colleagues across the group when they need our help and expertise in a specific loan area.

What I think

Lending is a nice field because it provides a means to strengthen partnerships between private bankers and clients over the long term. 

In the same way that the client who entrusts his assets to his private bank wants to be sure of its financial solidity and level of performance, the loan provider also wants to be certain of the credit worthiness and quality of the offered guarantees.

Reflecting the understanding and mutual confidence between the banker and the client, loans are a beneficial accompanying product in private banking.

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