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Personal Assistant

Who I am

I was born in Bastogne, Belgium, and am married with two children. I began my professional career as a managerial assistant in the food industry. After 11 years, I was hired as part of the assistance team at KBL epb. This experience allowed me to discover the various roles and departments in the bank.

I then joined the Training department, which is in charge of office, linguistic, commercial and soft skills training. My many ties with external suppliers and employees throughout the bank helped me succeed as a training manager.

One of our projects that means a lot to me is English for All, a programme that provides English courses to our staff.

What I do

I’ve always appreciated change and recently accepted a new challenge: I joined the team of managerial assistants. This is an extremely varied job in which I provide support, handle communications, arrange travel and prioritize tasks. Providing high-quality service in this position requires good communication, discretion and diplomacy.

What I think

I always try to treat people with respect and generosity. This behavior results in cooperation and a positive atmosphere at work.

Internal harmony is essential if a group of our size hopes to overcome challenges and be versatile. Showing respect and creating a positive team dynamic will make it possible to transform our entire group.

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