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High-Value mailing Services

Who I am

Born in Belgium, I studied in Virton before earning my secretarial diploma in Arlon.

After first working for an accountancy firm in Luxembourg, I joined KBL epb  in 1987.

I started in the collective investment team then joined securities’ custody. In 1992, I moved to the Credit department team for four years. After this, I spent 12 years with the Legal department as an administrative assistant.

Since 2008, I’ve been a member of the Mailing Services team.

I have two children.

What I do

The Mailing Services department is divided into two areas: normal post and express delivery/valuables. My main job is it to take care of express and valuables, but there is a great degree of overlap between the two services.

“Valuables” can include registered letters, express parcels, precious metals or securities and coupons.

My job is to manage specific requests in these areas for our in-house clients.

For example, if I have to send gold, I have to be sure that everything goes perfectly from dispatch to delivery. The same goes for all other dispatching: express delivery, registered letters, etc.

My job requires confidence, versatility, attention to detail, punctuality and accuracy.

Although these tasks might appear repetitive, every day is different and interesting.

What I think

In our department, we know that we are working behind the scenes but that what we do is nevertheless important to the bank’s success.

In my 27 years at KBL epb  I have seen all the major changes at the bank. Today, it is undeniable that the bank is changing for the better. And we are changing with it.

In life, you have to be able to change, to remain positive and to seize new opportunities to move forward.


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