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Chief Risk Officer

Who I am

I was born in Carlisle, on the Scottish border and, upon leaving school, began my career in banking. The next 14 years were predominantly spent on the client relationship side in commercial banking. I then moved on to wider risk management roles and spent the following 15 years working in a broad range of risk management and regulatory compliance areas, including credit risk management and financial analysis, regulatory risk and operational risk (which included anti-money laundering, fraud and financial crime).

In 1992, I became professionally qualified with the Chartered Institute of Bankers and, in 1998, achieved a first-class honors degree in banking from Birmingham City University. I also have an MBA from Lancaster University, which I completed in 2010.

Prior to joining Brown Shipley, I was part of the team that established Metro Bank and I also ran its risk management and compliance teams for a number of years.

I am married with three children and enjoy, and actively participate in, a number of sports. 

What I do

I am a member of Brown Shipley’s Management Committee and have overall responsibility for the bank’s risk teams, which involves developing the bank’s risk capabilities by ensuring they are in line with our long-term objectives. This requires close liaison with the regulator, as well as our parent. More recently, I have taken on legal oversight of the bank. I also chair the credit committee.

What I think

Developing Brown Shipley’s staff is important and I encourage individuals to obtain their professional qualifications. I am keen on mentorship and all those direct reporting to me have a deputy for whom they have mentoring responsibility. Developing Brown Shipley’s risk management function is key and will allow us to successfully grow our business and help deliver a high-quality customer experience.

Brown Shipley

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