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Senior Financial Analyst

Who I am

I’ve lived and worked in London for over 20 years, studying mathematics and management at King’s College, London, and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. I spent several years working as a consultant before deciding to concentrate on strategic development and mergers and acquisitions. 

I’ve worked with many organizations and gained wide and eclectic knowledge of different business models in industries that include biological and chemical weapons defense, crash-testing, retail, medical sensing, and waste management – before I finally found my way into financial services.

Working with so many different people with varied skills and experiences has given me an appreciation of the value achieved when individuals work together. I never get tired of learning and trying to find new ways of challenging what I do and where it ultimately adds value for the organization.

What I do

I currently work in finance as part of the regulatory team. I’ve been able to leverage my experience in scenario planning to develop stress-testing models that hypothesize different futures for the bank and help develop a granular understanding of how performance drivers are impacted by different events.

Regulatory requirements are in a state of almost constant flux – a substantial part of my time is spent digesting these changes and developing implementation plans. I also continue with M&A work, helping us assess the value of potential targets. 

What I think

This industry is going through an unprecedented period of change that will see many companies struggle to adapt their business models to the new world. Increased regulations and transparency requirements, together with heightened client expectations of value for money and a seamless service proposition across multiple channels, will become the new norm.

I believe that we have the individuals within the organization to achieve the changes required to compete effectively. Brown Shipley and KBL’s challenge is to further develop optimal ways of working together to harness this collective knowledge.

Brown Shipley

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